Top 50 Free Cybersecurity Lab Sites 2022

Alert to win –

Attack-Defense –

Bancocn –

Certified Secure –

CMD Challenge –

CryptoHack –

CTF Komodo Security –

Ctftime –

Cyberdefenders –

CyberSecLabs –

EchoCTF –

Explotation Education –

Google CTF –

Hack The Box –

Hackaflag BR –

Hacker Security –

Hacker101 –

Hacking-Lab –

Hacksplaining –

HackTheBox –

Hackthis –

HackXpert –


ImmersiveLabs –


NewbieContest –


OverTheWire –

Penetration Testing Practice Labs –

PentestIT LAB –

Pentestlab –

PicoCTF –

PortSwigger Web Security Academy –

Practical Pentest Labs –

Pwn college –


RangeForce –

Root in Jail –

Root-Me –

SANS Challenger –

SmashTheStack –

TCM Security –

The Cryptopals Crypto Challenges –

Try Hack Me –

Vulnhub –


W3Challs –

WeChall –

Zenk-Security –

Webgoat –

Dojo –

Cyber Security Education Platform

Securzy –

Juggling Too Much

I feel a bit overwhelmed as of late. We are working on putting the house up for sale, we just passed into mid-terms at school and I’ve been moving web hosts. In hindsight, I should have put off the web host move for a few months, although I do not regret moving my sites. Continue reading “Juggling Too Much”

Become What You Think

As you think, so shall you become. – Unknown

This quote is so incredibly profound.

I have consistently found that if you think positive thoughts, that positive things will happen to you. I know this sounds like the law of attraction, which seems like a flight of fancy, so I’ll try to illustrate my thoughts on this best as possible. Continue reading “Become What You Think”

Encourage Others

There is great power in the act of encouraging others. There is so much negativity in the world, falling into perpetuating negativity brings down moral and will eventually cause others to stop liking you. Become a light in someone’s life so they can pass that light onto others.

one_light Continue reading “Encourage Others”