As we reach the beginning of the new year, we get excited about the prospect of changing our lives to do something better. This requires changing replacing old habits with new ones. I set goals this year, since I wrote them down for the world to see I gained the motivation to follow through with them.

One habit that I have left behind is sinking an excess of hours into video games. When playing video games, time passes very rapidly and you will have 80 hours of playtime racked up before you know it. I think back, imagine what I could have done with that time playing those games. I love playing video games, they are the epitome of modern entertainment. But a wave of guilt would flow over my heart when I think of all that downtime could be converted to something else.

Since I still run a video game review website, I will still play video games from time to time, but cautiously not go overboard with spending an excessive amount of time playing them. Instead of turning on the XBox everytime I come home from work, I will set time aside to evaluate a game for the site.

A new habit I am building in the place of playing video games is contributing a greater degree of time to my websites than I have in the past. Much like this very blog, which I did not post to much at all prior to this year. Now that I am about two months into writing nearly every day, it has become a habit.

I do put aside downtime to spend time watching Netflix and movies from the Redbox with my wife. I just finished up a fiction novel last night that was amazing as well.

While I do miss sinking many hours into video games like Skyrim, Fallout and Kingdoms of Amalur, I feel much better about devoting that spare downtime to writing instead. I have something more to show for it.

Image Source: Haylie Jaed

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