Enhancing My Workspace

The last time I wrote about my creative environment, I stated that I rarely use my desk anymore. I decided to change that by rearranging my house and bringing the desk into a different room of the house.

Since moving into this current house, I took up a portion of the spare bedroom and made it my office. This was kind of nice where I was able close the door and cut myself off from the rest of the house. The reality is, that I ended up just closing myself in there to do podcasts and rarely used it any other time.

We moved my desk to the front of the house where I can glance out of the front window. I actually like the feeling of having the sunlight come through the window, I feel more inspired by what is going on around me. It is not unusual to have a deer show up in my yard.

Deer outside my front window.
Deer outside my front window.

When my desk was back in the spare bedroom, I used a receiving chair. That chair was uncomfortable and squeaked, especially noticeable during podcasts. I ended up picking a sweet new chair today from Office Depot that I just finished assembling. I’ve never bought myself a nice office chair before, so it is quite a treat indeed. I plan on breaking the new chair in doing rebuilding my Christian-Gaming.com site tomorrow on my day off.

The change of location has helped me quite a bit in being more productive and creative.

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