Become What You Think

As you think, so shall you become. – Unknown

This quote is so incredibly profound.

I have consistently found that if you think positive thoughts, that positive things will happen to you. I know this sounds like the law of attraction, which seems like a flight of fancy, so I’ll try to illustrate my thoughts on this best as possible.

There is a concept that when you first start out in business called “fake it, until you make it”. This means that your attitude, decisions and mind are geared towards believing that you are offering services at a certain level so people perceive they are receiving that level of value. Your attitude alone manifests your level of competency in other people’s eyes and they grant you their instant trust. In turn, you rise to the challenge by putting a ton of energy into meeting their expectations. It forces you to learn new things and realize that you were indeed capable of achieving that level of competency.

Why does this work? It is all about confidence! In general people are more apt to believe what you tell them rather then pick you apart. This is an opportunity for you to get your foot in the door, even if you are not sure how it is going to turn out and give it your all.

Conversely, I see the opposite happen in the workplace. There are people who are given this opportunity, fail to meet expectations and just seem to float along being a drain on the team. This happens in every profession. As a customer of some businesses you probably wonder why certain people even have jobs at all.

Negative thinking or thinking that you are not able to be more definitely kills opportunities. When I find someone has an incredible talent, I let them know that they would be really good at doing something that would benefit from it. It is disheartening when I hear back a bunch of excuses why they are not good enough and do not have any training a degree or whatever.

If you start own your own business you will achieve the mindset going in. If you have positive thoughts of doing well, you decisions, motivation will meet that thought process. This also works to filter out negative thoughts that would normally demotivate you from taking the extra steps necessary to be successful.

Lay the bedrock of success in everything you do by having a positive attitude about everything. Time will take care of the rest. Think positive thoughts about who you are, and you will inevitably be that person.

Image Credit: Ben Tesch

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