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What important truth do very few people agree with you on?

One truth on my mind is that the day of going in to a place to work every day and chaining yourself to a desk is outdated. For years now, every morning I wake up, get dressed, drive to work and forced to sit at a desk for eight hours and be productive on something.

Some at work illustrated this act very well, we are on a life release program. We get released with the expectation we come back to work, crawl back into our cell and start hammering away in the quarry.

This really poses a problem if you want to do something creative. I imagine the pain that developers must feel working in this kind of environment. Creativity is not something that just works like an on and off switch, inspiration can come at any time.

When I was a Systems Analyst and now as a Information Security Analyst, I can easily do my entire job from my house. Being salary exempt we do not keep a schedule of hours or punch a clock. I work a lot of nights performing scans or doing maintenance. Thankfully, I am blessed to work with someone who does work with me on giving some of that time back when I stayed up until 2am performing an vulnerability assessment.

Thankfully, more companies are seeing the value of remote work staff. Those who actually end up being more productive and working longer hours because they embrace what they are doing. I’m afraid that companies that do not keep up with new workforce trends may find themselves falling behind in attracting good employees down the road.

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  1. I just started 6 months ago. I’ve been doing systems work since 1994. After being in the military and working closely with our security team, I feel that I am in a natural role. I worked with Tenable Security Center for years doing vulnerability remediation. In working with that, I built a keen understanding of what to look for in terms of systems vulnerabilities. When I joined the department, I had to get up to speed on web penetration. I knew a lot of that from doing web work. I really enjoy the field so far though!

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