One Step at a Time

Last month I launched 2015 with a goal that I would lose weight. I set myself on a calorie budget using the FatSecret app to 1800 calories and by the very nature of staying under that mark I begin to eat smarter. The first two weeks went swimmingly well, and I lost 13 pounds. The next two weeks after that, I stepped on the scale and the needle did not budge one bit. How did consistent weight loss just come to a halt?

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Hit The Ground Running

“Start before you’re ready.” ~Steven Pressfield

I have this tendency to not begin something until I can have every detail fully planned out in mind for a flawless execution. For the most part, I can do this and it works fine for me. Then there are times that I have no idea how it is going to end up, like starting a business, building a website or refinishing a closet. I get overwhelmed with the possibility that what I do will fail. Continue reading “Hit The Ground Running”

My Precious Smartphone

I am sitting here this afternoon watching a movie when my phone dings. My focus is now split from watching the movie I am into and wondering what wonderful mystery could await behind that black iPhone screen.The phone can wait.

Seconds go by like minutes, until the phone dings again. I am excited to find out what is so important that my phone must shout to the world.

I give in, I pick up my phone to find out that it is just some routine workflow alerts from our SharePoint portal at work. I close the folio cover on my phone and resume watching the movie.

Minutes and another audible break in my connection with the movie. My thoughts shift back from the movie, back to the phone. The anticipation consumes me as I give into my precious electronic world to see what is going on again. Someone is challenging me to a game of True False, I got this. Continue reading “My Precious Smartphone”