Economics, Accounting and Computers

Tell us about your favorite subject(s) in school and why that matters (or doesn’t) today. – John Saddington

My favorite subjects that I have taken in school were Economics, Accounting and Information Technology related courses. These particular subjects naturally clicked with me and they were something I really enjoyed.

Out of high school, I went right into the Marines and I came out with a good trade skill in IT. I began as a PC technician and eventually worked my way up as a Systems Analyst. I went to work at a company that provides tuition reimbursement which allowed me the opportunity to go to school to start my college education in 2009. I went back with the intent of just getting my Associate’s degree, because I felt in inadequate not having any formal education. This is a common predicament face by military veterans in the computer field. I received my degree in 2013 and entered into a Bachelor’s business program.

Going back to school, I had to take general education classes. I had to take English, Algebra, Concepts of Biology and just about everything that had nothing to do with my chosen career field it seemed. To my surprise, I actually found a lot of value in these classes. Since I was older, I was able to answer the eternal school question, “when am I ever going to use this stuff?”

Going into Microeconomics, I was very worried because up to that point, I heard nothing but horror stories about how hard it was. I went into the class really nervous, but as I got into the material, I really loved it. I also took Macroeconomics and I liked that class even more . These classes provided a mathematical and visual approach to how markets and the global economy works. I was so fascinated by supply and demand curves, production possibility frontier and elasticity of demand. Macro was even more amazing because I learned how first hand how minimum wage actually hurts people’s prospects of getting jobs when employers can no longer afford to hire workers.

In my previous business attempts, I have manged the business finances like I would my personal checkbook. My bank account was either in the positive or I was doomed to start borrowing money to pay off debts. Accounting was a bit tricky at first, but once I figured it out I was hooked. This is something that I find will be useful in my future entrepreneurial endeavors and perhaps if I move up the ladder working someone else.

Although it did not count towards my degree, I took Concepts of Computer Programming. Even though this was completely an online class, it allowed me to keep pace and learn how to code. After taking this class, I want to change my program.

High school was a lifetime ago for me, and kids that are graduating high school now were born when I graduated. It did not motivate me to become anything more than bored. Thinking back, I just think it was just a way to indoctrinate me from 9-5 that I need to be somewhere I do not want to be. No class there inspired me much to do anything other than move on with my life.

I have really enjoyed going to college to get my degree. It is never too late to go back and it is a lot more fun than high school ever was. Even though I have been going for about 5 years now, I have the intent of going until I get my Master’s degree. There is no replacement for a good education, and as long as you make the best of it you will get the same in return.

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