Organizing Priorities

Work, family, developing a brand, blogging and now school is starting up, things are already getting crazy in the dawn of 2015. With so much going on, I am challenged to carefully consider how I should be spend my time.

The trick to prioritization is to also maintain balance. For instance, the work and family balance is one of the toughest to master. If you spend too much time working it could help a lot in reaching your career objectives, but may come at the cost of a relationship with your mate will deteriorate and if you have kids, your kids will suffer. Spending all day at work performing operational duties then working on long term projects when getting home where there are less professional pressures and distractions to get ahead could come at a great personal cost.

As I go throughout my day, I vet the attention that I give tasks in this order:

God – I have committed myself to be in the Word everyday. I am on a plan to read the English Standard Version bible everyday which equates to about 15 minutes or so. Doing so has really set the tone of everything I do right out of the gates.

Wife – Ephesians 5 teaches husbands to love their wives among all other human beings. Verse 28 tells us to love our wives as we love our bodies, since we would never hate ourselves, but nourish it. Even above the children, her priorities are my priorities.

Kids – Having kids is one of the greatest gifts, and I cannot imagine a life without them. Much like any other parent, I do go through many challenges but I do love them dearly. I am going to lump my fuzzy dog in this category, because she needs love too.

Going to Work – Besides being the leader of my home, it is my duty to kill it and bring it home. This is where a careful balance has to come in, because we need an income to survive and for our future, but I cannot go overboard with it where it sacrifices any of the aforementioned priorities.

Self Improvement – I am a strong believer in self development. I put importance on learning formal or not. I am currently going to college for my undergraduates degree, read and do online workshops.

Pet Projects – I run a few websites including this one that need my attention. This stuff is pretty much bonus. Eventually I would like a project to replace my day-to-day job so I can spend more time with my wife and family. For now our family has the most security through a steady paycheck and good benefits.

When I consider how I spend my time, I apply the appropriate weight and prioritize it accordingly. I am careful not to take on something with a lower weigh when I see that it may sacrifice something more important.

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