One Step at a Time

Last month I launched 2015 with a goal that I would lose weight. I set myself on a calorie budget using the FatSecret app to 1800 calories and by the very nature of staying under that mark I begin to eat smarter. The first two weeks went swimmingly well, and I lost 13 pounds. The next two weeks after that, I stepped on the scale and the needle did not budge one bit. How did consistent weight loss just come to a halt?

According to WebMD, limiting salt and starches with a smarter diet would explain that my weight loss was from retained fluids. The main idea is to burn more calories than you take in. Which means that cutting down my intake should result in a steady weight loss. They go on to say that it is necessary to exercise to speed up weight loss.

Another possibility is cutting my calories has just made my body smarter at storing fat from going into “starvation” mode.

Either way, in order to ramp up my weight loss and contribute to a better sense of fitness, I need to get my blood flowing more throughout the day.

I work a desk job and I tend to get caught up in my work. Before I realize it, the work day is done and I have headed home. Essentially other than typing on this keyboard and walking too my car I am sedentary. If the florescent lights and stress do not kill me, not moving around throughout the day surely will.

Since iOS 8.0, Apple included a Health app. This health app, rather you know it or not is counting your steps all the time. In reviewing my progress, I realized I need to spend more time taking care of myself throughout the day.

Health App

Now that I’ve realized that I was deficient in my activity I am making a greater stride in getting active again. I work the perimeter of my place of employment, which is about a mile. If I do this twice a day, I will have my steps in and be on the fast track on shaving off these stubborn stored calories.

This video from ASAP Science resonated with me on the dangers of sitting all day. My biggest takeaway was that even if you go workout after work to stay fit, you are still doing damage by sitting all day.

Image Source: Patrik Jones

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