Rebuilding my About Page

There is a big elephant in the room that I have been avoiding, which is updating my about page. It is important to write a good About page, as it is by far the most visited page of any blog. This will give my audience a chance to connect with me as a person to let everyone know that I am also a human being as well.

Over the years, I have changed my about page to tell a deeper story, then sometimes I scale it back to being less personal. I go through phases where I want to open myself to others, then I draw back a bit. As I have gotten more involved in the blogger and WordPress community, I have come back out of my shell a bit more.

I updated my about page a few hours ago to provide a condensed version of my life story without drawing out the information too much. Mainly, I added events that I feel have been pretty remarkable. My hope is to build a relationship to with my readers, show that I have a rich background and I have quite a history in Information Technology. Unfortunately, the knowledge I have gained and used on a daily basis, I take for granted, I want to change that.

When I was in the field of Systems Analyst/Administration/Engineering, I cannot think of really anyone in the industry worth following. It’s just a weird field with no clear leaders. Even when I was really big into working on cars and ran my own online store selling aftermarket car parts. This was an industry that definitely had some clear leaders that people could turn to for expertise. I was one of those leaders, and I still receive emails today from people seeking guidance on their vehicles. Those days, I gave tons of information back to that community.

When I attended SANS training, I learned quickly that a lot of the books on information security were also SANS instructors. There are some clear leaders that are well known among the small community of security professionals. It lead me to the conclusion that: my work in systems, networks and development was just a primer for becoming a good security professional. All these years I’ve put into my career are just a prerequisite, something that you should already have a good foundation for being one of the best.

My aim to was to restructure my about page to show that I am a techie at heart and I have something to offer to my techie audience.

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