Changing Degree Programs

After coming out of High School, I went into the Marine Corps and after that, I went right into corporate life. I worked for years before I decided that I would go back to school in 2009. I achieved my Associates of Arts degree in 2013 and graduated in 2014. It was time to venture out on the next phase of education, and I had decided on a Business Information Management degree. The purpose of this degree is to get me ready for management responsibilities.

For the longest time, I wanted to go into management. I did so because I felt at my age, that is where I am supposed to be. As my hair was turning gray, I needed to follow in the steps of some of the men that came before me, and lead. I have always had a passion for leading, but never had a dream of being a middle manager.

I really feel at peace turning the wrenches. I love technology, I love being a technician. When I recently got my new job as an Information Security Analyst, I absolutely loved the prospect of learning a fresh new perspective on technical subjects. Rather it is securing a server or learning how to craft the perfect firewall rules, it really energized me.

While it may be somewhat of a fad, I want to learn how to develop. Back in my early days, we used to call this “programming”. I have been programming on and off throughout my life on various platforms. The most success I have had at programming was at a high, visual level of programming. I took a “Concepts of Programming” class last semester that exposed me to Object Orient Programming and was really jazzed up about about that prospect.

I sit here now a week into a new semester thinking, I should change my major. The other program I am looking into is Information Systems Technology Bachelors of Science degree. Awhile back, I dismissed this program because I figured, I was already a technician. I wanted more of a challenge and was aiming for management. Now, I  do not believe that this is where my heart is.

Now that add/drop is over, I may very well be stuck with going through with this semester of classes that are dedicated to my current program. I will be meeting with a school counselor next week to see what my options are for transferring to another program.

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