Why I Write

I love to create, much like photography, writing allows me to do that. From a young age I never used to like reading or writing. I spent a lot of time watching television and rotting my brain. Thankfully, one day I woke up and realized that there is more to life then being a slave to a device that aggressively robs the mind of an imagination. Now, I read both technical and fiction, thinking to myself, I can do this. I have the desire to author my own book someday.

For the time being, my focus is my family and cautiously growing and maintaining a career without putting the wife and kids in the back seat. As men, we have tendency to get carried away with building our legacy. When I’m lying on my death bed I doubt I’ll be wishing I would have worked more. I do not want to lose sight of what is important, and I do not want to wake up one day wishing I could have spent more time with my kids as they were growing up.

I write to return all the wonderful gifts of knowledge and wisdom that have been inherited from those smarter and more wise than me. I am blessed to have a wonderful career and endless educational opportunities. Over the past year, I was given a chance to speak about WordPress in our local meetup group here in Orlando. My wife and I spoke together about how we are using WooCommerce to power our online business. I then gave a speech about WordPress security, that was before I became an Information Security professional that I am today. Now that I have had even more training and have read many books, I plan on bringing more value to the local meetups but also here on this blog as time permits.

One of the most difficult things about writing is the feeling of vulnerability of opening your thoughts up to the public. Much like the fear of public speaking, the only way to get over it is to keep doing it. I am a bit (well a whole lot) of a perfectionist so just the thought of making sure what I write should be amazing is something I am working to readjust. I am looking to shed off some of the fears of writing by just hammering something out and clicking the publish button within WordPress. I am surrounded by all these gifted bloggers and WordPress professionals, but I’m not using it because I am truthfully scared at times what other people think.

Thanks to John Saddington, this particular blog post is in response to his “10 days to a better blog” challege by just getting out and writing. If you have the notion, I suggest doing the same by just putting out your first blog post and following the challenge here.

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