The 10 Day Writing Challenge

My blog has been neglected for awhile due to the lack of motivation resulting from doubt, frustration and hopelessness. I really struggled to find a reason for this site to exist, and when I first put it together I must have had a direction I wanted to go in the beginning.

Initially, I started the site to curate technical procedures for myself with the dual purpose of sharing those notes with others. Somewhere in that, it migrated to being a photography site, then it vanished into the depths of the interwebs.

Although I am not a Mac owner, I have stumbled onto 10 Days a Better Blog on by John Saddington. This site promotes an MacOS app that encourages people to write. Over the past couple of days it has created a flurry of excitement around me stumbling onto some concepts to push me over the obstacles I had before.

Just publish, that is the spirit of this post. Just write and hit the publish button. For the first time, I feel liberated from not hunting down or taking the perfect image to pair up with what I want to write about. I am going to limit my editing to a cursory glance for obvious typographical errors. Through this challenge, I will evolve to be a better writer to expand on my desire to be creative and share my knowledge with others.

I am committing to writing various blog post over the next 10 days.

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