Starting Over

This is where it begins for me again. The last site that I developed using the WordPress blogging software to put my thoughts out on the internet for others to me seemed to have a narrow mission. So now, I’ve registered my own name so I can blog about more subjects than just running online businesses.

If you are a first time visitor, welcome! My mission is to help put good concise information about a variety of topics in which you could benefit from.

My name is Russ Sanderlin. I live in Orlando, Florida (home of the infamous mouse) and currently I work as a Senior Network Systems Analyst for a prominent company in Heathrow, Florida. My goal is to eventually leave the rat race and run my own ventures with enough money to supply my needs.

In 2005, I started to run my own niche e-business distributing automotive performance parts called Tearstone Performance. I’m quite proud of how well that business has been running for serving a small market of Mitsubishi enthusiasts as we grossed over $250k our first year in business on a part time effort.

I own and operate 3 vBulletin web forums. Two of which represent the Florida and Mid-Atlantic regions of the US for the Mitsubishi Owners Association. Finally a website dedicated to the 2006+ Mitsubishi Eclipse called ““.

I started this blog because I’m a big fan of personal development.

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  1. thanks russ this was helpful, i think i now have the idea and yes you were right, this is not truly what we need or want for our project.

    i enjoyed reading about your business and hope that you will realize your full potential and dreams soon. He has a plan and He is big!

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