Life Without Cable TV is Great

I have been pondering today over Demian Seiler’s blog post about his life without cable. Like him, I also cut cable a few years ago. We spend some downtime relaxing watching Netflix and renting Blu-Ray movies from the Redbox. This is still working out pretty well for us. We also eliminated over-the-air signal from our television as well. Going to the lengths to remove TV from our home was done so we can spend more quality time with each other. Continue reading “Life Without Cable TV is Great”

Changes at Church

Last Sunday I was sad to hear that my Sunday school teacher who was also the associate pastor of education resigned without warning.

For me this is difficult because he was the first Christian mentor I have had that really spoke to my heart. I felt he was a man that was truly devoted to Christ. This past week he was on a mission trip over seas helping a culture translate the bible into their language.

I was once told that nothing will make you lose your religion faster than going to church. The politics, people and drama follow sinners whever they preside. I pray that I will maintain a soft heart and focus on Him.

On the subject of Christ. One of the writers on my Christian-Gaming site may be facing a relapse in cancer. This man is barely into his twenties and already went though this earlier in life. I ask that you please keep Josh Turner in your prayers.

Image Credit: Dino ahmad ali

The Last Hour

I stumbled onto this amazing symphony of darkness today.

These tracks are performed by The Last Hour, a project of Roberto Del Vecchio who has been composing music since 1994. Too bad he has not hit it bigger, this is quality stuff.

US Army DSHell

US Army has released a network forensic analysis tool to Github to garner more support to expand the usefulness of the tool. DShell is a open source tool written in Python that aids in network forensic analysis for compromised environments.

Following and reassembling a stream of sample traffic.


DShell on Github


It’s a Planet not an Empire

This morning, on my way to work I saw a bumper sticker on a car that read, “It’s a planet not an empire.”

This bumper sticker states something that I believe as an American society, we do not strive to be in harmony with nature. In the minds of many, it is our manifest destiny to conquer the planet. Plunder, consume and dispose is the engine that drives our wasteful economy. Continue reading “It’s a Planet not an Empire”