Install WordPress and NGINX on Raspberry Pi

I have been evaluating the idea of spinning up a Digital Ocean VM for my web hosting as a cost effective alternative to shared web hosting. Digital Ocean requires you to know how to understand operating systems, I just happen to be the right guy for the job. I wanted to field test my future setup on my Raspberry Pi to get an idea of how much time it is going to take and what I can do to tune it for maximum performance. All of my sites have been converted to WordPress, my desire was to build a LEMP (Linux Engine-X, MySQL and PHP) stack to accommodate this setup. Continue reading “Install WordPress and NGINX on Raspberry Pi”

Juggling Too Much

I feel a bit overwhelmed as of late. We are working on putting the house up for sale, we just passed into mid-terms at school and I’ve been moving web hosts. In hindsight, I should have put off the web host move for a few months, although I do not regret moving my sites. Continue reading “Juggling Too Much”

Life Without Cable TV is Great

I have been pondering today over Demian Seiler’s blog post about his life without cable. Like him, I also cut cable a few years ago. We spend some downtime relaxing watching Netflix and renting Blu-Ray movies from the Redbox. This is still working out pretty well for us. We also eliminated over-the-air signal from our television as well. Going to the lengths to remove TV from our home was done so we can spend more quality time with each other. Continue reading “Life Without Cable TV is Great”