Blogging Objective for 2015

When I declared my 2015 goals, I said I would write more. I did not specify how much I would be blogging this year, I just said I would blog more. Meaning, that just posting this today would mean that I fulfilled that goal by blogging one more time.

I know better, I need to create SMART goals.

One of the methods that management learns about leading their employees is a technique referred to as managing by objectives (MBO) or managing by results (MBR). Managers sit down with their employees where they mutually agree on goals and how to achieve them. The company is rewarded by employees that contribute to the companies mission, the employee is rewarded by a bonus check or perhaps just another year of employment. Setting goals involves that they are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely (SMART).

My goal: I will blog twice a week throughout 2015.

Let’s see how how SMART my blogging goal is.

Specific – I have 7 days to write two posts, every week in 2015.

Measurable – Number of posts vs. the given time frame is quantifiable.

Achievable – This is achievable by the most casual of bloggers.

Relevant – Since the heart of the goal is about writing to blog, it is very relevant.

Timely – The result will be achieved and the close of 2015.

This site has been here since 2007. I have had brief spurts of getting all motivated to blog and giving up on the site for years. Before I started this year, the site only had 30 posts. By 2016, I should have another 104 posts added to that number, that will be a vast improvement over the 4.28 per year post average I was doing in the prior years.

I look forward to this year with fear and ambition. I have stumbled writing before because I was trying to make everything so perfect. Perfectionism is my kryptonite. There are times that I do not even want to begin a task until I make sure that everything is spot on. This really hurts me doing things around the house because I obsess about doing it right the first time, no room for mistakes. I am going to be more aggressive and take these opportunities to grow and make mistakes.

I will now click the publish button and let the chips fall where they may. I’m not going to spend time looking for a featured image. I’m not even going to worry about my tags or categories. My main focus is to write and click that button.

What kind of blogging goals do you have this year? Are they SMART?

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