Abandoned Six Flags in New Orleans

I have a fascination of what the world will be like after people. Most people refer to these cataclysmic events as an “apocalypse”. An event of such epic proportions that it effects everyone’s way of life as we know it. Rather it is from human’s self destructive nature, mother earth or the biblical second coming of god, it seems that it could be a reality we face in our lifetime.

This video was posted on a local automotive forum that I frequent, and it gives an artistic glimpse into a place that was impacted by the domination of nature. Six Flags in New Orleans was shut down in preparation for Hurricane Katrina and never reopened again. It is scheduled to be demolished at the beginning of next year and sold off for scrap. Imagine if something were to happen like this to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

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  1. Yeap, seeing the buildings I have been in or around (yeah I was base cleanup duty on several occasions) being completely deserted. It was getting that way when I left the base in May of 99. I was one of the last few besides MPs on the base.

  2. “it seems that it could be a reality we face in our lifetime”…

    Every generation thinks that.. Absolutely without fail. Doomsayers proliferate through history. None of them are ever right.

  3. Not me. I was in Base housing at El Toro until the end. I was with Group 37, then 374, after 38. So all the forklifts and stuff being used to ship things out were the unit I was with. I was also doing IT for alot of other units per request of the wing, since they were gone.

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