WordPress: Test Plugins Before Updating Live Site

Yet again, I learned an important lesson today. Letting the excitement of available WordPress plugins got the better of me and I upgraded them without testing. As a result my theme broke and I reverted to a default WordPress theme for the time being.


Updating WordPress core and plugins normally do not cause any issues. It is pretty routine to upgrade all the items and nothing adverse happens to the site. The most problems I have had are themes breaking when plugins get updated.

If you ever find yourself in this situation, you have a few options.

  • Work with the theme developer in the hopes this is a quick fix.
  • Restore the entire site from backup. (You do back your site up right?)
  • Retrograde your plugin to a previous version. Uninstall the current one, download and older version. (This may not work if you had to make any database changes when updating to the newer plugin).

The proper way to do go about updating plug-ins is to update a copy of your site first to analyze and test the potential impact. Install XAMPP for either PC or Mac. This will allow you to have a local installation of WordPress on your local system that mirrors your live site. Any changes that you make to the site, should be done on the local installation first before applying them to production.


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