WordPress in Business Meetup

This morning I attended a WordPress meetup in downtown Orlando at Ideas. Today, we had a speaker and a panel addressing the topic of business.

David Laietta, who leads up the WordPress Orlando group gave a speech on Freelancing. He shared his experiences and recommendations on being a successful freelancer.

David Laietta
David Laietta

I’ve been a freelance web developer for over a decade, and have been running my own shop for the past six years. Over that time, I’ve made an embarrassingly high number of mistakes on how to run a business. 

This was a great talk and got me to thinking more about my situation. He stated that Freelancing has it’s ups and downs, but he feels that it is worth it to have control over his time. This is something that I have been sacrificing to having a steady paycheck for my family.

Unfortunately, I had to leave the meet early today so I missed the panel discussion with Scott Mann, James Tryon and David Laietta. This panel was assembled to help the packed house today address any questions they may help them avoid mistakes in their own endeavors.

Great turnout at today’s meetup.


In response to The Desk Community and The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Me Time.”

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