Where are the images?

Many blog posts prior to this year have images, which are ones that I took with my own equipment. That was my vision when I started this blog was to use my own images for everything. Turns out, I discovered that it was more work than I could handle and sometimes I would end up writing content to match the picture.

I will not dispute the power of using featured images, I get that. I should be using them, but finding the right images is costly and potentially holds me back from publishing content.

Writing a post, then spending the time to find the right image, use the right tags, put the post in the right category drags down the publishing process. I am running on the bear minimum to focus purely on writing, then to hit that pretty blue “Publish” button.

As a result of doing taking this uber minimal approach to blogging, I feel that I have fewer excuses to generate content. My confidence level is slowly building to the point where writing will be more second nature and I will arrive at a place where I can budget my time more effectively.

When I plan my day and come to a point where I can write a blog post. The time I budget is a lot smaller. For example, it is easier to find 15-30 minutes within the day to write than to find 45-60 minutes researching and seeking out the right image. Before I knew better, I used to save time on this step by using Google Images, downloading something I liked then upload it as a featured image.

I have found instances where photographers are going after bloggers and tying them up with a legal burden. There are people out there, than seek to press justice to the full extent allowed by the law. Of the blogs that I have, I do not get paid enough for them to barely pay for the hosting at this point. Even if I was doing well, I surely would not want to fall into this trap.

One solution this image quandary is to pay for a subscription to a stock photo site. While I would love to do this, I do not have the kind of capital to invest in doing that right now.

I am left to use public domain or creative commons license photos. In my experience, these are okay but there is little incentive by the artists to insure they are properly tagged to be found. The quality of the photos are hit and miss as well. This of course turns into a scavenger hunt to find just the right image and consumes time.

There are times that I want to write some amazingly useful blog posts. Today, I was considering explaining various types of web server architecture. That would require me to draft some diagrams and do research to add value to the content. This would be super awesome, but I just do not have that kind of time.

For the time being, I want to keep the writing process as lean as possible. I do not want to give any excuses or find a reason for not writing. It is not hard to find 15-30 minutes to write something and publish it. If I find that I do have extra time to put into searching for an image or validating the best tags, then I will indulge in that activity. For my new 2015 theme, I seek to just write and publish.

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