What is One Way You Can Help The WordPress Community?

WordPress meetups are a fantastic way to expand your scope of knowledge about how to use WordPress. Rather you are a developer, designer or user; WordPress meet organizers strive to insure that the information provided by the volunteer speakers is relevant to help you, the happy WordPress user.

The WordPress meetup groups are sanctioned by the WordPress foundation and in some cases are even funded in some part to insure their success. Some WordPress meetup groups put on a conference every year called a WordCamp that brings in many speakers and hundreds of visitors from around the world. In the event that you miss the monthly meetups, then you definitely clear your schedule for a WordCamp.

Much like the WordPress project itself, there are many ways to contribute. If you have expertise in some aspect of WordPress, draw up a presentation and speak. If you are good at organizing, step up and help make sure the meets go smoothly. If nothing else, supply some munchies for the group.

Tomorrow night, I am leading a WordPress meet focusing on SEO. This is definitely a popular subject so I am expecting a good crowd. We have a husband and wife team who have volunteered their time to share their expertise on SEO.

I started out in the WordPress community when I attended my first WordCamp in 2013. Once that WordCamp was complete, I jumped in with both feet and attended every meetup that I could in 2014. I have lead presentations on WooCommerce and WordPress security. When WordCamp 2014 rolled around, I volunteered to assist as a sponsorship coordinator to finance the conference.

I primarily use WordPress for my own consumption. I have done some client work, but I am not driven by it since I work a full time job that demands much of my attention. However, if you do develop websites, this is a fantastic way to network. If you need a website developed, this is a fantastic way to network. If you need help setting up your WordPress website, your meetup community may promote some workshops, if they do not, suggest it!

If you are an avid user of WordPress and you are not already involved in local meetups, I urge you to go over to Meetup.com and find one in your area

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