TrueAbility Linux Showdown 8: Win a Wi-Fi Router

TrueAbility returns with their most difficult of competitions yet, Linux Showdown 8 “The Assembler”, beginning March 16th. The competitions consists of two rounds, spanning over the course of about three weeks.

Assembler refers to the low-level programming language used in computers or programmable devices. Unlike high level programming languages which are similar across multiple platforms, assembler is unique to talking directly to a certain hardware architectures. This means that you better bring your ‘A’ game to this competition!

Round One March 16-March 31st

For this challenge, you’re going to be using your scripting skills to implement a “sub par assembler".

  • Score in the top 20% and win an invite to round 2
  • $50 Credit to DigitalOcean for top 25 winners
  • $500 Credit from TrueAbility for your employers for our AbilityScreens

Round Two April 1-April 8th.

You gained an invite to this round by successfully completing the last challenge, and hopefully you saved a copy of it because we’re going to add some functionality to it in this round

  • Top 5 winners: $300 credit at Linux Foundation for the Linux Certified Engineer Exam
  • Grand prize: D-Link AC3200 Ultra Wi-Fi Router
D-Link AC3200 Ultra Wi-Fi Router

If you do not have one of these next generation routers yet, here is your chance to score one with your awesome computer knowledge.

I look forward to seeing you at the showdown!


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