The Dorothy Lumley Melrose Center 1st Anniversary

Central Florida is making great strides to become the capital for technology and innovation. The Orange County Library system is on a mission to become the center for information. Last year, they opened The Dorthy Lumley Melrose Center, filled with all sorts of ways to learn technology. There is a fabrication lab, audio studio, virtual simulation lab, video studio, photography studio and plenty of computers. Today, we are here presenting information about WordPress and our meetup group in the first annual celebration of the center’s opening.

Today’s event drew presenters such from various groups around the city that specialize in science, technology, engineering and mechanics (STEM). We were able to educate adults and students on what WordPress and how they can take advantage of for developing websites. Some visitor’s eyes lit up just connecting with other people who also know and use WordPress. We were able to match them up with resources in our area that can help them learn more about the amazing platform.

I am really happy that the tech scene is exploding here in Central Florida. When I was growing up, I was fortunate that my parents were able to help me learn technology. This center makes this learning available to anyone who has a desire to create with technology.

Here are some pictures from today’s event.

melroseanniv1 melroseanniv2 melroseanniv3 melroseanniv4

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