Broken Reflections

One of the coolest things about photography is being able to look at the everyday mundane things and find them to be extraordinary. I was walking around Sanford and came to this abandoned area behind first street. Inside of a chain linked fence was a cement slab with a random broken mirror. What really caught my eye was how the blue sky was reflecting off of the mirrors at me, so I put my lens right up to the fence and captured this one. There is so much beauty in in the smooth reflective fragments of glass lying on top of a forgotten, rough cement platform.

With this photo, I brought the shadows out and increased the saturation a tad to really bring the blue out.

Nikon D90, 18-200mm VR2 lens


The Crossing

This is a picture from a photo walk I took in the outskirts of downtown Orlando early one morning. This is a picture that I really like because of the gambit of colors that are mixed into this picture. The morning blue sky on top of a red brick road with the rail road crossing gear as a focal point. This part of the rail road tracks seems neglected as it serves as a crossing to a back road behind the nearby shops.