Superbowl Sunday

For months now, professional football teams have battled each other until there were only two. It has come down to this, Superbowl Sunday! The two best teams of the season will play for their place in the history books.

Over the course of this season, I have had a chance to watch the a lot of games. Our TV at home is only used for the Xbox to play video games or watch Netflix, no cable or reception. I pulled the plug on cable a few years ago and thankfully never looked back. It is one less distraction that our family has to spend more quality time with each other. Otherwise, the local wing spot we go to has $0.50 wings when the game is on, so I got a chance to catch some games this season.

In general, I do not follow sports. Even though I watched some games throughout the season, I really did not know who was ranked to go into the playoffs. I really only knew that the Patriots were going because of the whole deflated football debacle.

When it comes to sports, I have a hard time watching them as I rather be playing them. I do not make a good spectator, but I love to be a player. To me, that is an ongoing theme of my life, I want to be on the front lines, not just sit back and watch.

Tonight, I will be joining my church at the “Chilli Bowl”. Our church uses this opportunity to fellowship watching the big game with fire pits and the youth center is open for the kids to play games. We’ll be bringing a 2 liter and a desert to enjoy the festivities.

I will take this opportunity tonight to gather with the church and if nothing else, have some good chili.

My prediction is that the Seahawks will win.

Image Source: Eugene Regis

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