Orlando is the 2nd Most Creative City In America

Holy cow, I would have never expected this. According to an analysis by Movoto.com, Orlando, Florida is the second most creative city in the country.

Movoto cites that we have the second most art supply stores by capita. If they mean all of the Old Time Pottery, Micheal’s, Hobby Lobby and the sort, then yes these stores are everywhere.

Tied for second with Portland, Orlando might have been a bit of a surprise on this list. Well, except maybe to locals who already know just how creative this city is.

If you’re looking for art supplies for your next painting, they have the second most art supply stores per capita. If you’re an aspiring actor, they have the third most performing arts. Heck, if you’re just looking to improve your skills and learn more, they have the third most bookstores and the fifth most colleges and universities.

As far as making your experimental side into a career, this city can help out a ton. The fourth highest percent of workers in the country work in arts, entertainment, and recreation here, at a whopping 18 percent.

I’m sure that Disney is what places us at the entertainment capital of the world. To be quite frank, as a local I stay away from that side of town.

It is cool to see us rank up there right behind San Francisco nonetheless.


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