LEGO 21013 Architecture Big Ben Review

It goes without saying that LEGO is the premium experience in building with plastic blocks. Create a mini version of the Big Ben clock tower from London England with LEGO. The instructions are superb and they include additional educational information about Big Ben itself.

Upon completion of the Big Ben set, it looks fantastic sitting in a nice curio cabinet. As with other Architecture sets, it includes a nice label placed on the front side of the base plate. The sets cater more to an adult market as the scale is much smaller than most LEGO sets that cater to minifigure play.

The downside to these LEGO Architecture set is the value and build time. The price is a bit high based on the amount and size of bricks supplied with the set. Doing some quick calculations, these sets cost approximately $0.86 per brick, and the bulk of bricks are 1×1 or 1x2s. The last set I bought LEGO 10211 Grand Emporium was $0.68 a brick, it included much bigger pieces and minifigures. The set takes about 30 minutes total to build at a casual pace.

I am happy that I received this as a gift, but I would be very selective about buying any more sets. Even though I am an adult, I still enjoy building the minifigure sized LEGO sets. I also feel these sets are priced a bit on the high side for what you get. I would splurge for a particular set for one of my favorite monuments. Better yet, downloading the manual from the LEGO site and going to the LEGO store to pick up the pieces yourself might be a better bet.

The Build


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