How Childhood Hobbies Influenced my Career Choice

Today, one of the Desk Community members came up with this topic:

What hobbies and/or talents did you take up between childhood and high school and how did they guide or not guide you into your current career choices and hobbies done in your free time now?


Throughout my childhood and even up through high school, I was into computers and video games quite a bit.

At a young age I was blessed that my dad was into computers as well. He bought me my first TRS-80 Color 2 (just like the one in the featured image) from as early as I can remember. This computer was mainly useful for playing games from my audio tape drive. Eventually we went to a Commodore 64 which was just a fancy game machine for me. On both units I did make an effort to learn how to program. I picked up 486sx/25 out of high school where I began to learn my future job in computers. I went into the Marines armed with this foundation in computers and excelled as a network and systems administrator.

I spent a great deal of time running bulletin board systems on my 486. I have had a desire to create a service or experience for others in the computer world. I carried that over to the web and have been maintaining some sort of website along the way.

In my professional life outside of the childhood and the military I still love turning wrenches as a technical practitioner. At my age, I sometimes feel like I should have risen into management but leading a family fills that need for me along with many other organizational activities that I am involved with.

While video games has not garnered me much in the way of financial success, I sure do enjoy the ever evolving industry. I just have to be careful to maintain a careful balance of playing games and not let that overwhelm my priorities. One way that I have turned my passion for gaming and Christ into something useful for others was by taking over a Christian gaming website. With a volunteer staff of writers we publish content that we are jazzed about including Christian based game reviews.

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