First Game Review

This past week, I wrote and published my first game review to the Christian Gamer. The game that I reviewed, was Child of Light, which is an amazing game that I could barely put into words. Although the game was published last year, we are committed to providing reviews of games for Christians to reference.

I really enjoyed writing a game review, because I felt like I was writing for a useful purpose. My efforts and thoughts were put into looking at a video game and deriving some useful information for my target audience. I feel like I stumbled onto something important. Writing for my personal blog, sometimes I write just to condition myself for writing in general. I’m sure that not everything I post is necessarily useful but it has been done in the spirit of blogging with a community.

As I reflect back on that first review, I think of what I could do better. I have been watching a show today called “House of Cards”. In this show, the main character Francis Underwood brings on someone to write a book. He cited an amazing passage out of a magazine from the author about a game review he wrote. It was beautiful and profound. Underwood stated that after reading that, he wanted to become that character in the game. The author simply responded that he was just describing what it was like to be in the game. This is something that I am going to work on from now on.

My hope is that the website, which is crowd sourced by a staff of volunteer writers continues to grow as the premier source for Christian game reviews.

Image credit: Jorge Figueora


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