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Earlier in the month, I began participating in the 10 Days to a Better Blog workshop with the community. One of those days, were were asked to establish our blogging goals for 2015 and mine was to write two posts every week. Based on how much I blogged last year, I felt that this was a real stretch goal. To my surprise, I have exceeded that goal in nearly writing every day.

I’ve had this site since 2007 and I have had some stints off and on where I contribute to it. Eventually, I would lose interest or give in to my self defeating thoughts.

What made it easy to do the 10 day challenge, is that I did not have to strain to hard to be creative. John Saddington, who lead the workshop would give us directions on what to write about everyday. There are days where I have no problem coming up with something to write about, but then there are times I am at a complete loss.

After the 10 day challenge was complete, I felt a bit of panic set in. I really enjoyed writing so much, that I wanted to write again, but I had no idea what to write about. Whatever I did come up with, I disqualified it and threw it out immediately. I went back to read the comments from that final day from the other members in the workshop and they voiced similar fears. They were pointed in the direction of the Daily Writing forum on the site.

Within the Daily Writing forum, John usually starts a new thread everyday with a fresh prompt. I had found my lifesaver! This forum has so far is what has allowed me to not only meet my goal but nearly write every day. Since I write after work at night, I usually have a good idea of what I plan on writing on when things get quiet. Recently, I have been on a run where I need to fall back on those prompts, which is fantastic. I am so blessed to have this resource available and it allows me to focus on writing with one less worry.

Most importantly, there is a community of other writers that are going through the same thing I am. There is a lot of encouragement and love there that further compels me to write. I also enjoy reading their writings and connecting with their life stories.

In the beginning of my journey to writing on a regular basis, I have seek to find ways to tear down the barriers that stop me from being successful. Being apart of a community of writers has undoubtedly helped me to write more often.

Challenge yourself to a better blog in 10 days by signing up for the workshop, follow the directions and begin working through it at anytime.

Join us on February 2nd as we step through a new workshop “5 Days to More Engaging Content.”

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