Install WordPress and NGINX on Raspberry Pi

I have been evaluating the idea of spinning up a Digital Ocean VM for my web hosting as a cost effective alternative to shared web hosting. Digital Ocean requires you to know how to understand operating systems, I just happen to be the right guy for the job. I wanted to field test my future setup on my Raspberry Pi to get an idea of how much time it is going to take and what I can do to tune it for maximum performance. All of my sites have been converted to WordPress, my desire was to build a LEMP (Linux Engine-X, MySQL and PHP) stack to accommodate this setup. Continue reading “Install WordPress and NGINX on Raspberry Pi”

RHEL4 up2date error: rpmts_HdrFromFdno

Ran into an issue when using Red Hat Enterprise Linux up2date that it would fail to fetch a package. This was because mid way downloading the package, I aborted the operation using CTRL-C. When I was ready to resume the update, it returns a bad MD5 checksum error.

For this example, firefox was the affected package.

This error is triggered from a package that is broken, and is not uncommon to happen.

To correct this, go into /var/spool/up2date and remove the broken package.

Run up2date again, success!