Bow Ties

Since I have moved into my new position at work, I have been dressing up a bit more than I used to be. As someone pointed out, that I’m no longer dressing up like an IT ruffian like I used to. I wear dress shirts and pants to work in place of faded polo shirts and dockers.

I have spent most of my life going without wearing ties. There was a short stint in high school where I used to wear bolas, but they were cool per the early 90s. I’ve always worked at places that was business casual at the most. Where I currently work is still business casual, but senior management looks to the Information Security department in a different light than the rest of the IT staff. I could be called to advise or work with various levels of management at anytime. We also perform consulting engagements and my boss wants us to represent the department well.

The past few weeks, I’ve taken it one step further and experimenting with wearing bow ties. Surprisingly enough, I have received a lot of compliments and encouragement for doing so.

Bow ties are very polarizing, they are either loved or hated. Something that powers me through any potential haters is that wearing a bow tie makes me feel great. Really, I should not be concerned about what other people think of me, but I do not think anyone wants to do something that requires an intervention. Perhaps, I am also fueled in part by my wife’s support as she really loves seeing me wear them.

I confess, I have been wearing bow ties that are already tied and clip together on the side. If I had to learn how to tie one before hand, I probably would not have developed a desire to wear them. I probably would have thrown the whole idea out to begin with. I understand that this is a crime against humanity and so forth. This is the path I’ve taken to get here, like blogging without featured images, proof reading, tags and proper category placement.

Now, I have the motivation to take the time to learn how to tie one, so I began practicing. I am not sure if it is quite possible to make them as perfect as those that are pre-tied, but I am getting there without too much frustration.

I found this video below, which helped me out big time. This is the best tutorial I found on YouTube.

Bow ties, are they cool or not so much? When you think of bow ties, do you conjure images of Ryan Gosling or Pee-Wee Herman?

Image Credit: Grant Frederiksen

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  1. I read that image researched had shown that people who wear bow-ties are viewed as less trust worthy. My recent experience with a bow-tie wearing information security risk consultant who couldn’t deliver on the project and turned out to have fabricated all his credentials, makes me want to believe there is some truth to that.

    I am happy you have upgraded your IT wardrobe. I’ve worn dress pants (recently wool suit bottoms) , dress shirts (sans tie) and dress shoes (Zappos has a great selection) for decades. It gets you into the right rooms. You don’t have to spend a lot. Wait for a Lands End coupon, then head off to Sears and place your order. Shipping is free if you order in the store.

    NOTE: I actually prefer jeans and a Supima cotton polo shirt.

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