800 Followers on Instagram

After a month of diligent efforts I have reached over 800 followers on my Tearstone Graphics (tearstonedecals) Instagram account.

Tearstone Graphics caters primarily to the automotive market segment for those who want to express themselves with decals. We have been supporting these automotive enthusiasts since 2006 initially selling car parts. After realizing that reselling car parts was too challenging on a part time effort, we shifted our focus to selling decals instead. Every decal we sell is cut to order with our Roland plotter.

Using the follow back method I targeted accounts with a lot of followers that fall into users that are interwoven into the import car culture. I went to their follower list and followed their followers. Approximately 40 percent of those users followed me back. This means the world to me since it increases the value of time I spend propagating images out regarding the work that we do. More followers means a higher chance that people get to see the pictures that I am posting. I feel really blessed to have this following and strive to continue to serve the community with our products.


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